Week 15 Activity – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

After meeting up with Gibson Reedy, I walked around the entire art gallery to take a look at what we get to see for today. Moments later I stumbled across Elia Murray’s amazing artwork. Her artwork consist of lively characters and playful themes in the artwork. Murray stated that her Disney like quality promote in audience a feeling of childhood curiosity and  wonder. While Murray paints mostly with watercolor, she also enjoys writing short stories and poems. Murray also pointed out that she wishes to work in animation as well. As of now, Murray is currently trying to write a children’s book with poetry and illustrated pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Murray speak about her many ideas, including a story she wrote about a black bear transforming into another creature. I can’t wait to see what else Murray has in mind and I hope to see her spread out and end up in television.

IMG_20150507_111937 IMG_20150507_112008 IMG_20150507_112111


Week 15 Activity – Classmate Interview – Gibson Reedy

So here we once again in this fantastic class. It saddens me to know that this will be the last time we all do classmate interview for Art 11o. But we all have to move on eventually. Anyway, while walking around the art galleries, I met a really nice guy by the name of Gibson Reedy. Gibson is originally from Portland, Oregon and later on moved here in Long Beach, California. Gibson states that he loves it here and wants to stay. I asked if Gibson has enjoyed this class so far and he replied saying that he had a lot of fun attending this class. Gibson is a Film Major and wishes to make movies after graduation. I remembered in our Tuesday lecture class of someone who made a Kickstarter page to create a movie. I asked Gibson if that was him because it a was long time ago when we discussed Kickstarter. Gibson confirmed that was him so I asked him what movie was it and where can I watch it. Gibson’s movie is Hitlist and you can find it online on Vimeo. Apparently they needed backup from Kickstarter for actors, lighting, sound recorder, camera, and writers. I was amazed at the things they had to use to create this film. When asked how long it took to finish, Gibson replied saying that it took months for the summer to film it, and a few more months to edit it. So it took almost an entire year to this film done. I was amazed at the amount of work that was put into film work and I just asking questions over and over about Filming, but Gibson was nice enough to talk to me about it. I was happy meeting Gibson for the first time and being a great sport to talk for our last classmate Interview.


Week 14 Activity – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

So after conducting my second to last classmate Interview with Aleks Kivuls, I walked around the art gallery to see what other amazing work we get to see for this week. I was surprised for this week because I stumbled across a very familiar face this time. Her name is Yireh Kwak, and I’m sure a lot of us have met her before in a previous exhibit this semester. I remembered I enjoyed her work before and I’m fortunate enough to see more of her incredible work. Yireh Kwak told us how her work in the exhibit are set up. She tells us that each one of her paintings are like her babies, and that they take different times to perfect. Yireh also tells us that she paints every day, and if she is not painting, she is sketching for a new painting. Yireh states that she doesn’t want to sell any of her, but she had thoughts about it in the past. The majority of the exhibition had vibrant colors and beautiful portraits that all of us were able to see. It was a very enjoyable experience.

IMG_20150430_113649 IMG_20150430_113705 IMG_20150430_113724IMG_20150430_113738IMG_20150430_113751IMG_20150430_113754IMG_20150430_113805IMG_20150430_113810IMG_20150430_113858

Week 14 Activity – Classmate Interview – Aleks Kivuls

Near the end and it saddens me to hear that but all good things such as this class has to come to an end eventually. So after walking around outside the art gallery, I noticed a guy sitting around. So I asked him if he would like to do an interview. He agreed and we started immediately.  The man I met is Aleks Kivuls, a 2nd year Sophomore who is currently studying Computer Science, just like I am. Apparently, Aleks and I have met before when were both members of the Video Game Development Association last Semester. I didn’t remember meeting him there since it was a big club after all. Anyway, Aleks is 19 years old and has been to college when he was 17 years old. When asked why so early, Aleks states that his birthday is in September 20th, but he still went at the same pace as everyone else nonetheless.

Currently, Aleks is an intern at Northrop grumman, a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems. It’s basically a big Aerospace company. After all that stuff, Aleks and I talked about some of the stuff we love such as sports and games. He is PC gamer like I am and is also plays club volleyball here in Cal State Long. Which is fantastic thing to do. It was nice meeting Aleks and reflect back upon this semester in this class and how great it was.


Week 13 Activity – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

So after finishing my weekly classmate interview with Eduardo Catalan, I stumbled across every art gallery to see what amazing art piece we get to see. The first thing that captured my attention was a written text on the wall that said, “Recapturing the moment,” by Shihori Nakayama. I was amazed to look at Nakayama’s beautiful artwork that day. Each of her was so detailed with an immense amount of work I couldn’t resist staring at each and everyone of her artwork. Nakayama explained that she loved to incorporate a lot of detail into her work so people could enjoy looking at each and everyone of them. Nakayama also explained to us that almost all of her art pieces remind her of times in her past  as she draws pictures from photos she has taken.

When asked how long her art took to make, Nakayama responded that she was uncertain how long a single drawing took to create since she works on more than one drawing simultaneously. It took about four months, however, to create all of the art displayed in the artist’s art exhibition. Something that I found interesting was that Shihori used coffee in her printmaking art as well as in her drawings in order to make the colors appear lighter. I was amazed to take a look at Shihori Nakayama’s work in the gallery and it was great taking the time to ask her questions about her artwork.

IMG_20150423_112935 IMG_20150423_113034 IMG_20150423_113051 IMG_20150423_112948IMG_20150423_112848 IMG_20150423_112828 IMG_20150423_112839 IMG_20150423_113020 IMG_20150423_112757 IMG_20150423_112811 IMG_20150423_112820

Week 13 Activity – Classmate Interview – Eduardo Catalan

Near the end and it saddens me to believe that we’re close to finishing this amazing class. But we still have work to do and finish everything we need to do to get things done and hopefully enjoy our summer at last. After arriving early to the art gallery, I sat around wondering what to do. Out of nowhere, a guy showed up and asked if he wanted to do an interview. I agreed and we went with it as we usually do. The man I met is named, Eduardo Catalan. Eduardo is currently 19 years old, making it his second year here in Cal State Long Beach. He’s grown up and lives here in Long Beach as we speak. However, Eduardo was born in Mexico and came here in America when he was just 5 years old.

Eduardo is currently majoring in Mathematics and wishes to teach Math and become a teacher after graduating. I think that is awesome. Eduardo currently works at Mcdonalds part time and has told me some terrible stories involving customer behavior over his time. After work and college, Eduardo likes to watch Football (not the American one) in his spare time, especially during the World Cup. In terms of relatives, Eduardo has 1 older sister, 1 older brother, and 1 younger sister. At the end of the day, it was awesome meeting Eduardo for the first time and I wish him well.


Week 12 – Extra Credit Feedback Blog

So after all this time, it’s time to give our opinions on our experiences for this class. To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed this class from the beginning. Sure, we had some controversial issues here and there, but we still had a great time here in Art 110. To give you my top 3 favorite moments:

– Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)

– Student Choice

– Sculpture (Plaster Casting)

1.) I really enjoyed the Graffiti artwork activity because I had no experiences in using spray cans, but thanks to this class, I had the opportunity to actually write my name down on a cardboard and have fun with it.

2.) I loved the fact that this class allowed us to have freedom, and one of the activities was the freedom of choice.

3.) An activity that allowed us to go to the beach and create something we might have never done. An amazing experience to be honest.

Top 3 least favorite activities:

– Arts Funding (Kickstarter)

– Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)

– Social Photography (Instagram)

All of these activities do relate to being social outside and be in public. I still had fun doing these activities.

After of all of this, I had fun in this class. I enjoyed the Tuesday lectures we have every week. The activities are really fun to do. The artists are really fun to listen and are very informative. Every classmate I’ve met in this class for the classmate interviews are really nice men and women. Of course, using this website, wordpress, is really simple to use and I would recommend others to use this site if they another site to post their blogs.