wk2 activity – graffiti painting

Hey everyone, hope you had yourself a great week and if you’re, then stay strong, it’ll get better. So for this week, we had to use spray cans and actually spray paint our names on whatever we want (as long as it’s legal). I’ll be honest, I’ve never done anything like this before in my entire life. I’ve used spray cans before but I used it for painting the house. I thought this assignment was going to be a bit challenging but it became the opposite, plus it was really fun. It felt exciting and awesome. So I decided to pick two different colored spray cans, dark blue and black, a blank cardboard box, and just paint my name without feeling any pressure. Not saying that graffiti painting is easy, it’s tough and I do not plan on becoming an expert any time soon. This experience helped me open my eyes to world of painting and art and it was a great experience.

IMG_20150208_100722 IMG_20150208_132825


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