Wk 3 Activity – Classmate Interview

So far this class is really fun, all we have to do is get along with everyone in class, do easy and fun activities, and make new friends. So before the class started, I was wondering how Instagram even worked so I was sitting on a bench near the museum and I asked a classmate beside me for some help. The person I met was Heather Hopkins, an 18 year old freshman who is currently attending her second semester here Cal state long beach. We chatted a for a while and asked her for help on how Instagram worked. So we began asking questions about each other and what we do. Heather actually asked me about what my dream girl would be, but to be honest, I was really nervous to actually answer her questions. So I said whatever was in my head without sounding anymore nervous. But I like to ask the basic questions such as: What is your major? What do you do outside college? After answering her embarrassing questions about my dream girl, I asked her the same about her dream guy.

Before I answered that, she told me she is studying Fashion Merchandising here in Csulb, and she works as a actress. I was intrigued and asked what she has done before. I was amazed when she told me she was in various commercials such Sunny D, Bratz, and MLP. What really surprised me was that she appeared in television shows such as Workaholics, one of my favorite shows to watch on Comedy Central.  On to the dream guy questions. I didn’t ask her that many questions because I never ask questions like this. But in the end, she told me she likes a guy who is nice, funny, and act weird like her. Kind of like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. When asked if hair or skin color matters, she said that it doesn’t matter.


Meeting a new friend, can’t wait to meet another interesting person.


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