Week 4 Activity – The M & M show. (Mukesh/Mina)

So this week we had to express ourselves and just relax. Show us who we truly are even though not all of us act as free spirited as others are. Since we all go through a lot of stressful situations such as homework, projects, quizzes, and midterms, it’s nice to do an activity to show others how chill we all are.


This is a pic of me trying out hockey for the first time. My friend Jacob is a die hard ducks fan and he let me try out his hockey equipment. I’m honestly not a fan of the sport nor have I ever played it, but I decided to try something different for a change and just go for it.

IMG_20150215_201518 IMG_20150215_202736

After we played hockey, we had a bonfire at another friend’s house. Sadly I couldn’t stay any longer because we at csulb had to attend classes on President’s day…. yeah. I stayed for as long as I could and it was fun being around with people I know.


Before any of that stuff happened, I did manage to build my very first gaming computer all by myself. It was an awesome experience, you will learn a lot about computers if you build one yourself. It’s a lot cheaper and you get to make yourself sound smart in front of other people even though it really isn’t that hard. It’s like making buildings with legos. Even though it sounds nerdy that I like to explore various origins of tech, I don’t care what others say.


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