Week 5 Activity – Classmate Interview – Jesus Perez

As always, this class keeps on getting more and more enjoyable. We get to do fun activities and blog about it on the internet, and get an easy A. So today, I got to meet Jesus Perez Gonzalez. It turns Perez and I had class together before and I didn’t know that when seeing him. I felt bad that I didn’t get to know him at all before but since we’re in a class that’s full of communication and fun, I decided now is the time to do so. So upon talking to him and making a few jokes here and there, I learned that he is 20 years old like I am, a junior at csulb in his 3rd year. I also found out that he is a technician at the 49erShops Inc, married to a woman who is also a classmate here at Art 110. He stats that he pretty much live on campus as he is a full time student who works on campus. He is also a member of most of the computer related organization here on campus like EAT, ACM, and SHPE. For his family, he is a first generation student and have lived in long beach his entire life. CSULB was the only university he applied to as it was his dream school growing up.



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