Week 5 – Kickstarter Activity

Glow: The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

Glow, the first headphones that glow with laser lights. Just like Art, music is an expressive media, meaning people can connect and communicate however the situation is. Having light that synchronizes with your choice of music can make the experience a whole lot better. I can imagine people who love to go to parties and raves and show off with their audible glowsticks (The glow headphones). It’s not just color they want to improvise, they wish to create the greatest quality of sounds you’ll ever hear for a pair of headphones. I wanna see project go somewhere and see if this can be a really cool fad.

Noon Blinds

It may look simple, panels and blinds with holes in them. Looks easy to make, but then again, so does a table, but I doubt anyone of us are going to chop down a tree and craft our own furniture. These noon blinds looks like something we could all use to relax in our rooms whenever we’re studying. I can imagine others using them to help take amazing pictures of themselves or of any object for their instagram contests. It looks like something we can all use to change our rooms and put something different. There’s nothing wrong with a little change, right?


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