Week 6 Activity – Classmate Interview – Yevgeniy ”Eugene” Kaler

As alway this class just keeps getting more and more fun. I got to meet some exciting and awesome people in the last few weeks in Art 110. This week I got to meet Yevgeniy Kaler, but likes to go with the name Eugene. Eugene is a 26 year old student at Cal state Long Beach and is about to graduate this semester with a major in Mechanical Engineering. When asked what his interests are, he like to work on his car and modify to whatever he likes. On the weekends he likes to relax and have a drink, probably more than a pint of beer. He drives an Mr2 Toyota and builds cooling systems for Egr and exhaust fan recirculation. As of now, he is an Intern at Santa Monica for Engineering. Wherever he goes to after he graduates, I wish him the best.


Me on the left. Eugene on the right.


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