Week 6 Activity – Yarn Bombing

As always, we do yet another fun project. Instead of using cans of paint and spray colored paint on walls, we get to use yarns and bring color to everyday objects. So after looking at the videos of yarn bombing, it was interesting to see a group of vigilantes who love using yarn and pretty things up. Even police officers do not mind compared to spray paintings and graffiti. So I’ve seen others put yarn around their lamppost and headphones, as well as putting their old t-shirts around some trees. I decided to grab an everyday object from my room such as a coat hanger and maybe bring some colored life to it. It did take a while but I managed to actually do it. I’m not an expert nor do I plan on being but it was still a great experience throughout the day. I really hope we get to do more of these amazing and fun projects that involve color.  I also got to visit the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2. It was great experience as well.

Fa2 art

Art from FA2

IMG_20150301_170718 IMG_20150301_171236 IMG_20150301_172116 IMG_20150301_172210


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