Week 6 – Artist Interview – Christine Fuqua

The art gallery just keeps getting better and better. It makes me even more excited to be on campus on a Thursday. Every week I am always impressed with whatever art I’m going to facing as well as meeting the talented artists behind it all. So this week I got to meet Christine Fuqua, really nice young artist. Upon enterting the gallery and looking at Christine’s work, I felt as if I was in Junior High School in my old Woodshop class because everything she made was from pure wood.

The hat, the guitar, the table, all of it. I was amazed to what she has done. Christine Fuqua is a Wood Major at Cal State Long Beach butstarted her college career at Cal State Fullerton then to El Camino College, then to Cal stat Long Beach. Although she dabbled across photography and theatre, she discovered that wood work is the best thing she’s good at. According to Christine, her work was featured in the Marilyn Werby Gallery with a wood comber table and maple spoon.

It’s really amazing to see what she’s done and I cannot wait to see what the artists of next week have to offer. Maybe we’ll get to see some work made of metal. Who knows, that’s for another time. Anyway it was great meeting Christine and taking a good look at her work.


IMG_20150226_110743 IMG_20150226_110747 IMG_20150226_110354 IMG_20150226_110820 IMG_20150226_110827



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