Week 7 Activity – Artist Interview – Claire Samani

As always, we get to meet interesting artists every week and see what amazing things they have in stock. So after doing our usual classmate interview with Hannah Drake, I decided to take a look around the museum and see what’s great. Upon searching, I’ve stumbled int o Claire Samini’s room full of her printmaking arts. They look fantastic and really amazing.

Claire was super nice and told us how printmaking can be done on almost anything but it is most commonly done on paper. After the usual questions done by other students, Claire was nice enough to give us a personal tour of the printmaking shop that was located nearby. During the tour, Claire stated that one of her methods of printmaking is using silkscreen, which is done in layers, and prints are vibrant in colors due to the layers in printing, plus the etching method can sometimes reveal lines.

Daina, who was also in the printmaking shop, gave us all a demonstration on how the art is made and it was incredible, using an old fashion technique such as using a wheel to print color onto fabric, it was awesome to see it happen in person. This really got me into printmaking art more than ever before.

claire_samani[1] IMG_20150305_112853[1] IMG_20150305_112909[1]IMG_20150305_112935[1] IMG_20150305_112947[1] IMG_20150305_113102[1]IMG_20150305_114209[1] IMG_20150305_114555[1] IMG_20150305_113718[1]IMG_20150305_113743[1] IMG_20150305_113914[1] IMG_20150305_114555[2] IMG_20150305_114630[1]


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