Week 7 Activity – Classmate Interview – Hannah Drake

I said it once and I’ll say it again, this class just keeps getting funner and funner. So I was sitting outside the museum wondering should I talk to. Next to me were to two girls sitting beside so I decided to ask if I may get to know them better. Upon one of them was Hannah Drake, a really nice girl. Hannah is 20 years old and is currently a sophomore here in Cal State Long Beach. She is from and grew up from Long Beach and is currently majoring in Kinesiology. When asked why, Hannah told me that she had an accident playing soccer when she was young, going through and ACL surgery on both her knees when she was 14 and 18. She was well treated and decided that wanted to do the same and help those who are physically active and need attention to recovery. That is why she wants to be a Physical Therapist. She’s not into having a career that involves sitting in an office all day and not have any interaction whatsoever, she wishes to be active and breathe fresh air such as hiking surfing, and of course, soccer.



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