Week 7 Activity – Landscapes with a corpse

We need picture ourselves as a corpse, that is what we have to do this week’s activity. At first it sounds and looks very strange to be very honest, but it turned out to be a not so bad project after all. So if we’re gonna picture ourselves dead, we need to make it so that we die doing the things we all truly love to do. Inspired by Izima Kaoru, artist, we looked at some of the pieces he has done during Art class and they looked very interesting so I couldn’t wait to see how this turns out. Although Izam Kaoru did his work with the help of fashion models, I don’t think we need something that fancy to express ourselves in a way. So i decided if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die holding an object that depicts of my favorite activities, which is golf. I don’t think too much of death, but this activity really got me thinking in a weird way to be honest. This activity was really unique to do and really helps us reflect back on life.



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