Week 7 – CSULB Art Museum – Extra Credit

So I had some time to stop by another Art Museum that was in campus, this one is in the horn center near the CBA building. I was there when this museum opened up since I had summer class at the time but this was my first time I’ve ever been to this museum, so I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. I arrived exactly at 12:00 pm and Brittany Binder, our Art graduate was discussing about what her art is. Brittany talked about how people carelessly litter their trash in non-designated areas. People may believe they know where exactly they throw away their trash, but in reality, people don’t even know where their trash goes after putting it in the recycling bin.

Another art we saw was a giant receipt from a SuperAma store also known as the Wal-mart of Mexico, I was really confused as to what exactly this means and why it’s even here in the first place. The artist explained to us that this receipt shows how amazing it is that consumers do not know where the things we buy actually comes from. Now I understood, I also had a lengthy conversation with Professor Zucman about this receipt a couple days ago as well. Above all, it was great being a part of this tour and looking at the other wonderful things this campus as to offer in terms of art.

IMG_20150303_122351[1] IMG_20150303_123737[1] IMG_20150303_123908[1]IMG_20150303_124013[1] IMG_20150303_124056[1] IMG_20150303_124227[1]



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