Week 8 Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach

As always, this class keeps on getting more and more fun. So I arrived early to the art museum as we usually go every Thursday, I was waiting on the one of the tables wondering who I’m going to meet next for this week’s interview activity. While I saw others interviewing each other, this guy, Hayden Leach went up to me and asked if I was part of this class. I told him yes and we started to talk for a while. Hayden Leach is an interesting guy, he’s 21 years old, a Junior in his 4th year since he took year off because of a medical withdraw from concussion he while playing water polo by getting kicked, elbowed, and tripping from his stairs 2 years ago. He is doing alright right now. Hayden is studying American Studies and wishes to teach after he graduates. His parents are both retired teachers, his mother was a Science teacher and this father was a history teacher. Although he grew up in Irvine, he wishes to move straight to Hawaii just his parents have recently done.



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