Week 8 Activity – Artist Interview – Brian Davis

As usual, we get to meet great people, whether it’s classmates or random artists. This week was really interesting because when I stepped inside of the gallery, the first thing I saw was some bearded guy making juices, I kid of course. Brian was standing at his stall blending healthy juices off of fruits and vegetables. What I loved about what Brian did is that it is something that you could watch physically and if you want to, do it yourself. When Brian blended the fruits and vegetables, he never has a recipe that he carries or anything like in which he follows. He explains that he likes to just pick whatever is on the table and mix them all at the same time. It was great watching him cut the fruits and vegetables into pieces and blend them all together. What’s great about this guy is that he even gave away some free samples of his work. I’ve tried them and to be honest, they were really good. Plus healthy.

When asked what his plans were, Brian Davis states that his plans are to move to Italy and start a art residency with government aid. So to help himself feel like he connects with everyone, Brian decides to make everyone juice, stating that it was meant to enrich our bodies. Everything about the art around us was meant to enrich our minds. Brian also stated that the show was partial about enriching us.

IMG_20150312_111854IMG_20150312_111902 IMG_20150312_111919 IMG_20150312_112031IMG_20150312_112212 IMG_20150312_112216 IMG_20150312_112425IMG_20150312_113117 IMG_20150312_113124


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