Week 9 Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

So after our little remix activity which I have to admit was fun, it’s time to do something different that heavily involves our campus here in Cal State Long Beach. This week’s activity was called, “Architecture and urban planning.” So we start this activity by drawing a cognitive map of Cal State Long Beach. Basically it’s a mental image drawing of CSULB without the help of a map or picture.


My horrendous Cognitive map drawing

Now, for the next activity, we had to, “Adopt a building, meaning we had to do a bit of research on whatever building we like to choose from CSULB. I remember when I was enrolling here, I had to take a mandatory tour around the place and I got to learn a little about this university’s history. I remember learning how the library dramatically changed now compared to how it was when this campus first opened in 1949. That is why I chose this building, since I go here to relax if I need a quiet room to study peacefully. I really wanted to talk to the employees who work in the Library but since most of them were busy while others honestly didn’t know it’s history, I had to read some old articles on this place and learn about this place myself via online. When Cal State Long Beach was formed, this place was once combined with other buildings around them, making it one building long building.

library old

Originally, the library had 5,508 volumes and by 1960, the library would have almost 100,000 volumes. Fast forward the clock by 12 years and we get the library looking like the way it does now, minus the fancy the technology that’s inside it such as the computers, televisions, Starbucks, etc. It was used for studying back then and to this day it still does, I’m glad we as students are continuing the tradition of the using this building for it’s true purpose.

library now

Last but not least, we had to redesign a part of Cal State Long Beach that we would like. Since I usually go to the Engineering Department a lot since that’s what I study, parking can be a real hassle and I think a lot of us can agree on that. I feel that the parking structure needs a bit of work since people have told me that it’s a bit scary parking there in the afternoon since people may speed sometimes and potentially hit someone else inside. For my redesign map, I feel like the stairs needs a lot of polishing done. What I mean is that the stairs feel really uncomfortable to walk upon. So I thought, why not make the stairs rise up like a slope, making it easier for students who hate walking as well as the handicapped men and women of Cal State Long Beach.


My partly redesigned CSULB map


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