Week 9 Activity – Artist Interview – Lesley Nishigawara

After my little interview with Jessa Camago, we both look around the art gallery to see what amazing work we get to see with our own eyes. After looking around, we stumbled across artist Lesley Nishigawara and her talent for creating beautiful fiber arts. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Fiber art before but upon looking at them, they kind of remind me of the yarn bombing project all of us did a couple weeks ago. Which made me even more interested in Lesley’s work since I enjoyed that activity a lot. Lesley commented that each of her pieces take her about 10 hours to make and could be a bit frustrating at first, but really rewarding.

Lesley also tells us that she loves to focus on how her work is very precise and intricate as well as making sure everything is symmetrical.  In my opinion, I think her artwork look very unique and tough to create. When asked what she currently studying at the moment, Lesley commented that she is in the masters program here at Cal State Long Beach and it’s her third year in here as well.

Lesley stated that her artwork is supposed to represent how, “Information is revealed through systems and the resulting patterns they create.” I found that really interesting to hear about. As an added bonus, one student asked if Lesley has ever done a yarn bombing experiment before? She states that she has never done one before but laughed when we told her that we have done it before. Lesley then laughed and thought it was an amazing activity to do.

IMG_20150319_113356 IMG_20150319_113548 IMG_20150319_112821 IMG_20150319_113205 IMG_20150319_113216 IMG_20150319_113226



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