Week 9 Activity – Classmate Interview – Jessa Camago

So this week I had the enjoyment of meeting another one my fellow classmates. This time I got to meet Jessa Camago, a really nice but shy girl to speak to. We shared a lot of interesting things we love to do such as watching cartoons when we were very young. Jessa is 19 years old and is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently majoring in Accountant and wishes to be a very good accountant for any company. She chose Accountant mainly for her love of Mathematics. Other than Mathematics which I’m honestly not a fan of, Jessa loves to play Tennis.

She was in the Tennis team in her high school in the last 3 years. When asked if she’s currently in a Tennis club, she states that she was in one last semester but left because it’s not what she’s usually used to. Jessa really enjoys drawing especially awesome Typography as well as her own anime characters. Jessa is currently staying at her dormitory here in Cal State Long Beach but originally she was in Lancaster, a nice little town just two hours away from here.

After our little interview as well as chatting up with the brilliant artists of the week, Jessa and I hung out after class at Starbucks. She complains that employees from Starbucks usually spell her name wrong. I have proof right below. After that we went to the Book Store and watch, “The Avengers,” upstairs for 15 minutes. It was nice chatting up with her and I wish to do it once more.

IMG_20150319_112448 IMG_20150319_115634


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