Week 10 activity – Free Choice

So after doing a lot of fun activities for this class, Professor Zucman states that he wants us to be in charge of this week’s activity and do whatever we want to do. Since Spring Break is starting right now, I took a look around my house and wondered what exactly am I going to do. I got an invite from a friend of mine to go to his house tomorrow for a bonfire as well as spending the night their along with my other friends. Upon looking, I noticed how dirty my room really is. As much as I like to talk about Technology to my classmates, I’m really an unorganized guy. I decided to take the time and actually clean up my room since it’s been a while.

IMG_20150329_193610 IMG_20150329_193618

If you’re confused why I decided to post a before and after segment for my room, you must understand that showing one’s room always allows others to explore and see just how you as a person are. As much as I like to discuss about computers, phones, and software programs, others may think of me as a disorganized man after looking at my room. It’s happened before in the past when I invited my friends over. They would comment on how messy my room really. So I took the time to place everything where it’s supposed to be and I was amazed at the results.

IMG_20150329_194237 IMG_20150329_194353

As you can see, it looks much cleaner than it was before. Now when people look at my room, they’ll see and think I’m a guy who likes to keep things organized and get things done. I hope that makes sense to anyone reading this, I know it sounds ridiculous. Anyway, I look forward to Spring Break and hope everyone reading this has a fantastic Break and have fun responsibly.


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