Week 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

This week I got to meet a really amazing artist by the name of Dawn Ertl. After finishing our weekly classmate interview, I stumbled across the entire museum to see what amazing artwork we get to see. I looked over at the Gatov Gallery East and noticed some colorful looking strings hanging from the ceiling. Almost as if a party was happening. I told a look inside, took my backpack off and just observed around. Dawn Ertl was speaking to the other classmates about what this creation of hers is in which she calls it the, ” Radius of Action.” Her art displays consist of fabric along with other materials mixed to overcome amazing ideas.

Dawn Ertl explains that her pieces display in her point of view how the  weather works. Although it’s hard to see, but her fabric creations do show us how badly the weather truly is. Another of Dawn’s piece shows how songs consist of music, sounds, beats and vibration. Mix that all up and you have a song.

I have to admit I was really impressed to take a look at Dawn’s artwork and see such talent her at CSULB. Display fabric work to describe weather and music is very cool to think about. As we keep living, the weather will change as such does the music we listen to. Everything will flow through around no matter what and I believe that’s also what Dawn wanted to show off.

IMG_20150326_114545 IMG_20150326_120458

IMG_20150326_113911 IMG_20150326_113921 IMG_20150326_114008IMG_20150326_114028 IMG_20150326_114033 IMG_20150326_114125IMG_20150326_114147


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