Week 10 Classmate Interview – Kyle Wadsworth

So this week I got to meet another awesome guy by the name of Kyle Wadsworth. However, I actually met him on Tuesday during our usual class meeting in Art 110. While Professor Zucman was delivering his lecture as always, I looked to my right and I noticed this guy had a really cool laptop. I asked him what kind it was and then we talked about computers after class. After that we promised to do an interview this week. Two days we eventually met and conducted our weekly interview as normal. So Kyle is 20 years old and is a Sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach. He is majoring in Computer Science just like I am but he shares his interest with PC gaming just like I do. When asked what he does, Kyle teaches kids various programming languages such as python and java, as well as other operating systems such as the difference between Windows and Linux.

He and I talked about our interest in Video Games and how they can be used in an educational point of view such as teaching others how code properly and use it for fun. Aside from PC games, Kyle also dabbles around music and composes 8-bit sound pieces that resemble retro gaming. He uses a program called Famitracker and has an amazing site where he stores these songs of his. You can find them over here: https://soundcloud.com/kyle-wadsworth-1. It’s really good, you should take a listen and relax. Above all, Kyle’s a great guy and you should take the time to know him as well.

IMG_20150326_121540 IMG_20150326_121517 IMG_20150326_121519


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