Week 11 Activity – Classmate Interview – Tai Bui

So after a long week from having fun in Spring Break, it was time to go back to college once again and meet new people just as we do every week. Today I got to meet Tai Bui, a really nice guy. Tai is 18 years old, making him a Freshman in his 1st year here in Cal State Long Beach. We talked a lot about movies, video games, and cartoons and how awesome we share our interests in them. I may be studying Computer Science but Tai is studying Computer Engineering, meaning that it’s a lot more tougher. He is also minoring in Child development, when I asked why he decided to do this, Tai responded by saying that he has a 2 year old sibling and wishes to learn how to raise her well. To that I say, that’s great.

As stated before, we share our common interests in video games such as the popular online game, League of Legends, as well as playing Basketball. Tai states that he’s a huge Lakers fan and I stated that I too am a Lakers fan and wish to go to one game. When asked where he was originally from, Tai explains that he’s from Vietnam and has lived here in the United States for about 7 to 8 years. He also loves the food here as well such as Rice, Pizza, and Hamburgers.

Just like I am, Tai is somewhat interested in Art, which is why he enrolled in this class to see how great it is. Above all, Tai is a great guy to talk to and I cannot wait to see who else I’m going to meet next week in this class.



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