Week 11 Activity – Plaster art!

For this week, we got to go to the beach and actually create a sculpture made of sand and plaster. After looking at the video on how to do this, I was really excited to do this fun little project. Problem was is that I had somewhere to go to for the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday, so I had to squeeze every ounce of time from my schedule to get this project done on Thursday. So that’s what I did, I asked if my friends wanted to go to the beach but in reality I needed their help with this. Eventually they agreed to help out and do this little thing. I also took some other interesting pictures as well since I don’t ever go to the beach. The beach we went to was Huntington Beach, and my friends picked up a place to have a nice little bonfire.

So the procedure took roughly around 40 minutes since we didn’t have any experience on this. We were worried that we put too much plaster or not enough. After sitting down for a while, we finally got our “statue,” it’s not perfect, but then again, what isn’t? Anyway, I had a blast doing this little experiment. I wished I stayed a little longer but sadly I had to leave right away and pack my bags for this weekend, so I gave the statue to one my friends and I think they were tossing it like it’s a football.

IMG_20130525_200010 IMG_20130525_200026 IMG_20130525_201715 IMG_20130813_153152 IMG_20130813_163650 sandMy very first plate like statue


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