Week 12 Activity – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

After conducting our weekly classmate interview, I walked around the entire gallery to see what amazing artwork we get to see for today. After walking around, I stumbled across the Werby Gallery to take a look at a really amazing artist named Piet Eppinga, who uses people as his main idea to create his sculptural through people emotional and psychological downfalls. One of the first of his artpiece I saw was a sculptrure of what appears to be a woman with very large breasts. I was confused as to why this is here but when asked why, Piet speaks about fertility of women and that a fertile figure of a woman is completely about sexuality.

When asked why he loves to use clay, Piet explained that he enjoyed playing with clay at the farm where a truck full with white sand would be delivered to his family to help them farm. Piet was very fascinated with clay in which he used it to make sculptures of animals and humans. Growing up in a farm where flay is one of the reasons why he loved that place so much and create something that is beautiful is in my opinion, amazing. Although I still don’t find the sculptures he made something I would be interested in, it’s nice to see the origin as to why this man devoted his time to create this sculptures.

IMG_20150416_111638 IMG_20150416_111646 IMG_20150416_111658 IMG_20150416_111706 IMG_20150416_111719IMG_20150416_111737 IMG_20150416_111751 IMG_20150416_111805 IMG_20150416_111809 IMG_20150416_111835


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