Week 12 Activity – Classmate Interview – Kylie Louthan

So we’re near the end and it disappoints me to know that we’re almost done with this class but we need to move on eventually. But moving on, I arrived early outside the museum just sitting on top of one of the rocks just looking through some notes. Minutes later, a nice girl named Kylie Louthan approached me and asked if we can talk. I agreed and we decided to do our usual class interview. Kylie is currently attending her first year here in Cal State Long Beach, making her a freshman as well as her 2nd semester here. She’s 18 years old who loves to watch movies. Kylie is a Film/Electronic Arts Major and wishes to be a Film Editor once she graduates here. Kylie is also commuting here from Stanton, a place that I live nearby. Apart from Film and movies, Kylie loves to play tennis, she used to play it a lot back in high school but sadly couldn’t do it now because she’s too busy with work and college. Speaking of work, Kylie coincidentally works at a movie theater in Westminister and it’s going to be her 3rd year working there in July.

Last but not least, Kylie loves to play with her bass guitar and learn many great bass riffs from various well know bands such as Sublime. Good luck to her with that. In conclusion, it was nice meeting Kylie outside the museum and talk about our experiences with this class and what it is like. I wish the best for her for becoming a well known film editor.



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