Week 12 – Extra Credit Feedback Blog

So after all this time, it’s time to give our opinions on our experiences for this class. To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed this class from the beginning. Sure, we had some controversial issues here and there, but we still had a great time here in Art 110. To give you my top 3 favorite moments:

– Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing)

– Student Choice

– Sculpture (Plaster Casting)

1.) I really enjoyed the Graffiti artwork activity because I had no experiences in using spray cans, but thanks to this class, I had the opportunity to actually write my name down on a cardboard and have fun with it.

2.) I loved the fact that this class allowed us to have freedom, and one of the activities was the freedom of choice.

3.) An activity that allowed us to go to the beach and create something we might have never done. An amazing experience to be honest.

Top 3 least favorite activities:

– Arts Funding (Kickstarter)

– Portrait Photography (Landscapes with a Corpse)

– Social Photography (Instagram)

All of these activities do relate to being social outside and be in public. I still had fun doing these activities.

After of all of this, I had fun in this class. I enjoyed the Tuesday lectures we have every week. The activities are really fun to do. The artists are really fun to listen and are very informative. Every classmate I’ve met in this class for the classmate interviews are really nice men and women. Of course, using this website, wordpress, is really simple to use and I would recommend others to use this site if they another site to post their blogs.


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