Week 13 Activity – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

So after finishing my weekly classmate interview with Eduardo Catalan, I stumbled across every art gallery to see what amazing art piece we get to see. The first thing that captured my attention was a written text on the wall that said, “Recapturing the moment,” by Shihori Nakayama. I was amazed to look at Nakayama’s beautiful artwork that day. Each of her was so detailed with an immense amount of work I couldn’t resist staring at each and everyone of her artwork. Nakayama explained that she loved to incorporate a lot of detail into her work so people could enjoy looking at each and everyone of them. Nakayama also explained to us that almost all of her art pieces remind her of times in her past  as she draws pictures from photos she has taken.

When asked how long her art took to make, Nakayama responded that she was uncertain how long a single drawing took to create since she works on more than one drawing simultaneously. It took about four months, however, to create all of the art displayed in the artist’s art exhibition. Something that I found interesting was that Shihori used coffee in her printmaking art as well as in her drawings in order to make the colors appear lighter. I was amazed to take a look at Shihori Nakayama’s work in the gallery and it was great taking the time to ask her questions about her artwork.

IMG_20150423_112935 IMG_20150423_113034 IMG_20150423_113051 IMG_20150423_112948IMG_20150423_112848 IMG_20150423_112828 IMG_20150423_112839 IMG_20150423_113020 IMG_20150423_112757 IMG_20150423_112811 IMG_20150423_112820


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