Week 15 Activity – Classmate Interview – Gibson Reedy

So here we once again in this fantastic class. It saddens me to know that this will be the last time we all do classmate interview for Art 11o. But we all have to move on eventually. Anyway, while walking around the art galleries, I met a really nice guy by the name of Gibson Reedy. Gibson is originally from Portland, Oregon and later on moved here in Long Beach, California. Gibson states that he loves it here and wants to stay. I asked if Gibson has enjoyed this class so far and he replied saying that he had a lot of fun attending this class. Gibson is a Film Major and wishes to make movies after graduation. I remembered in our Tuesday lecture class of someone who made a Kickstarter page to create a movie. I asked Gibson if that was him because it a was long time ago when we discussed Kickstarter. Gibson confirmed that was him so I asked him what movie was it and where can I watch it. Gibson’s movie is Hitlist and you can find it online on Vimeo. Apparently they needed backup from Kickstarter for actors, lighting, sound recorder, camera, and writers. I was amazed at the things they had to use to create this film. When asked how long it took to finish, Gibson replied saying that it took months for the summer to film it, and a few more months to edit it. So it took almost an entire year to this film done. I was amazed at the amount of work that was put into film work and I just asking questions over and over about Filming, but Gibson was nice enough to talk to me about it. I was happy meeting Gibson for the first time and being a great sport to talk for our last classmate Interview.



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