Week 12 Activity – Algorithmic Art

So for this week, we practically get to create a set of instructions for our fellow classmates. For today, I want to show people how to properly tie a tie. I know it sounds silly, but you would be surprised at the amount of people that do not know how to actually tie a tie. I used to be one of them, but with a bit of practice, anyone can do it. So I hope my set of instructions actually help people out.

1. Start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 12″ below the narrow end of your necktie


2. Cross the wide end over the narrow, and back underneath.


3. Bring the wide end around passing it across the front of the narrow.


4. Pass the wide end up through the loop


5. Hold the knot loosely and pass the wide end down through the loop in front.


6. Hold the narrow end of the tie and slide the knot up snug.


I really hope this helped out a lot of you out there. Thank you.


Week 12 Activity – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

After conducting our weekly classmate interview, I walked around the entire gallery to see what amazing artwork we get to see for today. After walking around, I stumbled across the Werby Gallery to take a look at a really amazing artist named Piet Eppinga, who uses people as his main idea to create his sculptural through people emotional and psychological downfalls. One of the first of his artpiece I saw was a sculptrure of what appears to be a woman with very large breasts. I was confused as to why this is here but when asked why, Piet speaks about fertility of women and that a fertile figure of a woman is completely about sexuality.

When asked why he loves to use clay, Piet explained that he enjoyed playing with clay at the farm where a truck full with white sand would be delivered to his family to help them farm. Piet was very fascinated with clay in which he used it to make sculptures of animals and humans. Growing up in a farm where flay is one of the reasons why he loved that place so much and create something that is beautiful is in my opinion, amazing. Although I still don’t find the sculptures he made something I would be interested in, it’s nice to see the origin as to why this man devoted his time to create this sculptures.

IMG_20150416_111638 IMG_20150416_111646 IMG_20150416_111658 IMG_20150416_111706 IMG_20150416_111719IMG_20150416_111737 IMG_20150416_111751 IMG_20150416_111805 IMG_20150416_111809 IMG_20150416_111835

Week 12 Activity – Classmate Interview – Kylie Louthan

So we’re near the end and it disappoints me to know that we’re almost done with this class but we need to move on eventually. But moving on, I arrived early outside the museum just sitting on top of one of the rocks just looking through some notes. Minutes later, a nice girl named Kylie Louthan approached me and asked if we can talk. I agreed and we decided to do our usual class interview. Kylie is currently attending her first year here in Cal State Long Beach, making her a freshman as well as her 2nd semester here. She’s 18 years old who loves to watch movies. Kylie is a Film/Electronic Arts Major and wishes to be a Film Editor once she graduates here. Kylie is also commuting here from Stanton, a place that I live nearby. Apart from Film and movies, Kylie loves to play tennis, she used to play it a lot back in high school but sadly couldn’t do it now because she’s too busy with work and college. Speaking of work, Kylie coincidentally works at a movie theater in Westminister and it’s going to be her 3rd year working there in July.

Last but not least, Kylie loves to play with her bass guitar and learn many great bass riffs from various well know bands such as Sublime. Good luck to her with that. In conclusion, it was nice meeting Kylie outside the museum and talk about our experiences with this class and what it is like. I wish the best for her for becoming a well known film editor.


Week 11 Activity – Plaster art!

For this week, we got to go to the beach and actually create a sculpture made of sand and plaster. After looking at the video on how to do this, I was really excited to do this fun little project. Problem was is that I had somewhere to go to for the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday, so I had to squeeze every ounce of time from my schedule to get this project done on Thursday. So that’s what I did, I asked if my friends wanted to go to the beach but in reality I needed their help with this. Eventually they agreed to help out and do this little thing. I also took some other interesting pictures as well since I don’t ever go to the beach. The beach we went to was Huntington Beach, and my friends picked up a place to have a nice little bonfire.

So the procedure took roughly around 40 minutes since we didn’t have any experience on this. We were worried that we put too much plaster or not enough. After sitting down for a while, we finally got our “statue,” it’s not perfect, but then again, what isn’t? Anyway, I had a blast doing this little experiment. I wished I stayed a little longer but sadly I had to leave right away and pack my bags for this weekend, so I gave the statue to one my friends and I think they were tossing it like it’s a football.

IMG_20130525_200010 IMG_20130525_200026 IMG_20130525_201715 IMG_20130813_153152 IMG_20130813_163650 sandMy very first plate like statue

Week 11 Activity – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

Another day, another week at the student art museum gallery observing awesome pieces of artwork designed by talented artists. So after doing my exclusive classmate interview with Tai Bui, I entered the Gatov West Gallery, where I had the opportunity to observe some amazing art piece by Gabriel Garcia. Garcia’s work focuses on Toxic masculinity, which shows the negative aspect of male masculinity in today’s world. Garcia pointed out some interesting topics for creating these art pieces. He states that domestic violence should be reported more often so that it does not continue. Also he points out that certain people from the military tend to be violent against their spouses as well. Garcia created some of these posters by saying that just because someone is in service of the United States, it doesn’t give men the right to be violent towards people they love.

I was intrigued with Garcia’s work since I am a man as well, I never had these violent tendencies towards anybody. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a giant banner that said, “Don’t be a pussy.” I’m sure every single one of us has heard that phrase many times. Garcia’s messages are very powerful in terms of getting people to understand how much of a problem domestic violence is. I liked that he referred to the 2014 controversial issue of NFL player, Ray Rice, who abused his future spouse. Which was a big thing especially for football fans.

Domestic violence is nothing to be laughing about and I’m glad to see a talented artist put his time to create these amazing posters for us to witness. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this and see that there is someone out there trying to spread these messages for us to help end this tragedy.

IMG_20150409_111250 IMG_20150409_111320 IMG_20150409_111336 IMG_20150409_111620 IMG_20150409_111640 IMG_20150409_111809

Week 11 Activity – Classmate Interview – Tai Bui

So after a long week from having fun in Spring Break, it was time to go back to college once again and meet new people just as we do every week. Today I got to meet Tai Bui, a really nice guy. Tai is 18 years old, making him a Freshman in his 1st year here in Cal State Long Beach. We talked a lot about movies, video games, and cartoons and how awesome we share our interests in them. I may be studying Computer Science but Tai is studying Computer Engineering, meaning that it’s a lot more tougher. He is also minoring in Child development, when I asked why he decided to do this, Tai responded by saying that he has a 2 year old sibling and wishes to learn how to raise her well. To that I say, that’s great.

As stated before, we share our common interests in video games such as the popular online game, League of Legends, as well as playing Basketball. Tai states that he’s a huge Lakers fan and I stated that I too am a Lakers fan and wish to go to one game. When asked where he was originally from, Tai explains that he’s from Vietnam and has lived here in the United States for about 7 to 8 years. He also loves the food here as well such as Rice, Pizza, and Hamburgers.

Just like I am, Tai is somewhat interested in Art, which is why he enrolled in this class to see how great it is. Above all, Tai is a great guy to talk to and I cannot wait to see who else I’m going to meet next week in this class.


Week 10 activity – Free Choice

So after doing a lot of fun activities for this class, Professor Zucman states that he wants us to be in charge of this week’s activity and do whatever we want to do. Since Spring Break is starting right now, I took a look around my house and wondered what exactly am I going to do. I got an invite from a friend of mine to go to his house tomorrow for a bonfire as well as spending the night their along with my other friends. Upon looking, I noticed how dirty my room really is. As much as I like to talk about Technology to my classmates, I’m really an unorganized guy. I decided to take the time and actually clean up my room since it’s been a while.

IMG_20150329_193610 IMG_20150329_193618

If you’re confused why I decided to post a before and after segment for my room, you must understand that showing one’s room always allows others to explore and see just how you as a person are. As much as I like to discuss about computers, phones, and software programs, others may think of me as a disorganized man after looking at my room. It’s happened before in the past when I invited my friends over. They would comment on how messy my room really. So I took the time to place everything where it’s supposed to be and I was amazed at the results.

IMG_20150329_194237 IMG_20150329_194353

As you can see, it looks much cleaner than it was before. Now when people look at my room, they’ll see and think I’m a guy who likes to keep things organized and get things done. I hope that makes sense to anyone reading this, I know it sounds ridiculous. Anyway, I look forward to Spring Break and hope everyone reading this has a fantastic Break and have fun responsibly.