Week 15 Activity – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

After meeting up with Gibson Reedy, I walked around the entire art gallery to take a look at what we get to see for today. Moments later I stumbled across Elia Murray’s amazing artwork. Her artwork consist of lively characters and playful themes in the artwork. Murray stated that her Disney like quality promote in audience a feeling of childhood curiosity and  wonder. While Murray paints mostly with watercolor, she also enjoys writing short stories and poems. Murray also pointed out that she wishes to work in animation as well. As of now, Murray is currently trying to write a children’s book with poetry and illustrated pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Murray speak about her many ideas, including a story she wrote about a black bear transforming into another creature. I can’t wait to see what else Murray has in mind and I hope to see her spread out and end up in television.

IMG_20150507_111937 IMG_20150507_112008 IMG_20150507_112111


Week 14 Activity – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

So after conducting my second to last classmate Interview with Aleks Kivuls, I walked around the art gallery to see what other amazing work we get to see for this week. I was surprised for this week because I stumbled across a very familiar face this time. Her name is Yireh Kwak, and I’m sure a lot of us have met her before in a previous exhibit this semester. I remembered I enjoyed her work before and I’m fortunate enough to see more of her incredible work. Yireh Kwak told us how her work in the exhibit are set up. She tells us that each one of her paintings are like her babies, and that they take different times to perfect. Yireh also tells us that she paints every day, and if she is not painting, she is sketching for a new painting. Yireh states that she doesn’t want to sell any of her, but she had thoughts about it in the past. The majority of the exhibition had vibrant colors and beautiful portraits that all of us were able to see. It was a very enjoyable experience.

IMG_20150430_113649 IMG_20150430_113705 IMG_20150430_113724IMG_20150430_113738IMG_20150430_113751IMG_20150430_113754IMG_20150430_113805IMG_20150430_113810IMG_20150430_113858

Week 13 Activity – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

So after finishing my weekly classmate interview with Eduardo Catalan, I stumbled across every art gallery to see what amazing art piece we get to see. The first thing that captured my attention was a written text on the wall that said, “Recapturing the moment,” by Shihori Nakayama. I was amazed to look at Nakayama’s beautiful artwork that day. Each of her was so detailed with an immense amount of work I couldn’t resist staring at each and everyone of her artwork. Nakayama explained that she loved to incorporate a lot of detail into her work so people could enjoy looking at each and everyone of them. Nakayama also explained to us that almost all of her art pieces remind her of times in her past  as she draws pictures from photos she has taken.

When asked how long her art took to make, Nakayama responded that she was uncertain how long a single drawing took to create since she works on more than one drawing simultaneously. It took about four months, however, to create all of the art displayed in the artist’s art exhibition. Something that I found interesting was that Shihori used coffee in her printmaking art as well as in her drawings in order to make the colors appear lighter. I was amazed to take a look at Shihori Nakayama’s work in the gallery and it was great taking the time to ask her questions about her artwork.

IMG_20150423_112935 IMG_20150423_113034 IMG_20150423_113051 IMG_20150423_112948IMG_20150423_112848 IMG_20150423_112828 IMG_20150423_112839 IMG_20150423_113020 IMG_20150423_112757 IMG_20150423_112811 IMG_20150423_112820

Week 12 Activity – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

After conducting our weekly classmate interview, I walked around the entire gallery to see what amazing artwork we get to see for today. After walking around, I stumbled across the Werby Gallery to take a look at a really amazing artist named Piet Eppinga, who uses people as his main idea to create his sculptural through people emotional and psychological downfalls. One of the first of his artpiece I saw was a sculptrure of what appears to be a woman with very large breasts. I was confused as to why this is here but when asked why, Piet speaks about fertility of women and that a fertile figure of a woman is completely about sexuality.

When asked why he loves to use clay, Piet explained that he enjoyed playing with clay at the farm where a truck full with white sand would be delivered to his family to help them farm. Piet was very fascinated with clay in which he used it to make sculptures of animals and humans. Growing up in a farm where flay is one of the reasons why he loved that place so much and create something that is beautiful is in my opinion, amazing. Although I still don’t find the sculptures he made something I would be interested in, it’s nice to see the origin as to why this man devoted his time to create this sculptures.

IMG_20150416_111638 IMG_20150416_111646 IMG_20150416_111658 IMG_20150416_111706 IMG_20150416_111719IMG_20150416_111737 IMG_20150416_111751 IMG_20150416_111805 IMG_20150416_111809 IMG_20150416_111835

Week 11 Activity – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

Another day, another week at the student art museum gallery observing awesome pieces of artwork designed by talented artists. So after doing my exclusive classmate interview with Tai Bui, I entered the Gatov West Gallery, where I had the opportunity to observe some amazing art piece by Gabriel Garcia. Garcia’s work focuses on Toxic masculinity, which shows the negative aspect of male masculinity in today’s world. Garcia pointed out some interesting topics for creating these art pieces. He states that domestic violence should be reported more often so that it does not continue. Also he points out that certain people from the military tend to be violent against their spouses as well. Garcia created some of these posters by saying that just because someone is in service of the United States, it doesn’t give men the right to be violent towards people they love.

I was intrigued with Garcia’s work since I am a man as well, I never had these violent tendencies towards anybody. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a giant banner that said, “Don’t be a pussy.” I’m sure every single one of us has heard that phrase many times. Garcia’s messages are very powerful in terms of getting people to understand how much of a problem domestic violence is. I liked that he referred to the 2014 controversial issue of NFL player, Ray Rice, who abused his future spouse. Which was a big thing especially for football fans.

Domestic violence is nothing to be laughing about and I’m glad to see a talented artist put his time to create these amazing posters for us to witness. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this and see that there is someone out there trying to spread these messages for us to help end this tragedy.

IMG_20150409_111250 IMG_20150409_111320 IMG_20150409_111336 IMG_20150409_111620 IMG_20150409_111640 IMG_20150409_111809

Week 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

This week I got to meet a really amazing artist by the name of Dawn Ertl. After finishing our weekly classmate interview, I stumbled across the entire museum to see what amazing artwork we get to see. I looked over at the Gatov Gallery East and noticed some colorful looking strings hanging from the ceiling. Almost as if a party was happening. I told a look inside, took my backpack off and just observed around. Dawn Ertl was speaking to the other classmates about what this creation of hers is in which she calls it the, ” Radius of Action.” Her art displays consist of fabric along with other materials mixed to overcome amazing ideas.

Dawn Ertl explains that her pieces display in her point of view how the  weather works. Although it’s hard to see, but her fabric creations do show us how badly the weather truly is. Another of Dawn’s piece shows how songs consist of music, sounds, beats and vibration. Mix that all up and you have a song.

I have to admit I was really impressed to take a look at Dawn’s artwork and see such talent her at CSULB. Display fabric work to describe weather and music is very cool to think about. As we keep living, the weather will change as such does the music we listen to. Everything will flow through around no matter what and I believe that’s also what Dawn wanted to show off.

IMG_20150326_114545 IMG_20150326_120458

IMG_20150326_113911 IMG_20150326_113921 IMG_20150326_114008IMG_20150326_114028 IMG_20150326_114033 IMG_20150326_114125IMG_20150326_114147

Week 9 Activity – Artist Interview – Lesley Nishigawara

After my little interview with Jessa Camago, we both look around the art gallery to see what amazing work we get to see with our own eyes. After looking around, we stumbled across artist Lesley Nishigawara and her talent for creating beautiful fiber arts. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of Fiber art before but upon looking at them, they kind of remind me of the yarn bombing project all of us did a couple weeks ago. Which made me even more interested in Lesley’s work since I enjoyed that activity a lot. Lesley commented that each of her pieces take her about 10 hours to make and could be a bit frustrating at first, but really rewarding.

Lesley also tells us that she loves to focus on how her work is very precise and intricate as well as making sure everything is symmetrical.  In my opinion, I think her artwork look very unique and tough to create. When asked what she currently studying at the moment, Lesley commented that she is in the masters program here at Cal State Long Beach and it’s her third year in here as well.

Lesley stated that her artwork is supposed to represent how, “Information is revealed through systems and the resulting patterns they create.” I found that really interesting to hear about. As an added bonus, one student asked if Lesley has ever done a yarn bombing experiment before? She states that she has never done one before but laughed when we told her that we have done it before. Lesley then laughed and thought it was an amazing activity to do.

IMG_20150319_113356 IMG_20150319_113548 IMG_20150319_112821 IMG_20150319_113205 IMG_20150319_113216 IMG_20150319_113226